Nowadays, technological development rushes past the people of the machine-based technical civilisation, therefore they fail to understand the technological wonders that surround them. One of these is the thousand-year-old technology of iron smelting and forging. You can see a video about this below.





The theoretical scientific research is conducted at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in the realm of the Applied Material Science sub-programme as PhD research. Besides studying medieval iron smelting, I also carry out archaeometrical investigations on iron artefacts, eg. original medieval pattern welded blades in collaboration with my colleagues. Based on the results, I can make accurate replicas of them. We publish the findings of our research in international scientific journals on archaeometry or material science. You can read online the manuscripts of our most highlighted papers, see below.




Papers in English


  1. Török, B.; Thiele, Á. 2013: Smelting bog iron ores under laboratorial conditions – the role of phosphorus in the archaeometallurgy of iron in Somogy county, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, vol 47, 012034 

    Download (PDF, 1.2MB)

  2.  Thiele, Á; Török, B.; Költő, L.: Energy dispersive X-ray analysis (SEM-EDS) on slag samples from medieval bloomery workshops – the role of phosphorus in the archaeometallurgy of iron in Somogy County, Hungary, Proceedings of the 39 th International Symposium for Archaeometry, Leuven (2012), Eds: Rebecca B. Scott, Dennis Braekmans, Mike Carremans and Patrick Degryse, pp. 102-112

    Download (PDF, 4.72MB)

  3. Thiele, Á.; Hošek, J.; Kucypera, P.; Dévényi, L.: The role of pattern-welding in historical swords – mechanical testing of materials used in their manufacture, Archaeometry, (in press)

    Download (PDF, 890KB)

  4. Thiele, Á.; Hošek, J.: Estimation of phosphorus content in archaeological iron objects by means of optical metallography and hardness measurements, Acta Politechnica Hungarica, (in press)

    Download (PDF, 702KB)