I am Adam Thiele, Ph.D. I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. I am working as senior lecturer in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Besides my scientific activity I am working as a smith as well. I use ΛdiThiel as a brand name for my hand made, forged products. The name The ArchaeoSmith explains my craftsman activity.

Nowadays, technological development rushes past the people of the machine-based technical civilisation, therefore they fail to understand the technological wonders that surround them. One of these is the thousand-year-old technology of iron smelting and forging. I regard the reviving and re-learning of the ancient knowledge of the Hungarian iron culture of the Middle Ages as my main objective.

My activity can be divided into two main groups:

– Scientific research on archaeometallurgy, cf. Science;

– Forging replicas of unique medieval iron artefacts, cf. Shop.

Medieval iron smelting in the Iron Smelting Camp, 2012