What is Adithiel?

I am Adam Thiele, mechanical engineer MsC and smith. I use AdiThiel as a brand name for my products. The name the ArchaeoSmith explains my main activity.

My activity can be divided into two main groups: 

1. Applied archaeometallurgy

I forge replicas of iron artefacts based on archaeological findings. These exact, high quality replicas are exclusively handmade, with original technology, mainly of damascus steel. You can buy Tomahawks, Axes, Hatchets, Knives and Other products from my webshop. <<SHOP>>

If you want me to forge you a custom made Tomahawk, Axe, Hatchet, Knife or Other product, please contact me. <<CONTACT>>

 2. Scientific research on archaeometallurgy

I carry out archaeometrical investigations on iron artefacts, eg. original medieval pattern welded blades. Based on the results I try to make replicas of these weapons. <<SCIENCE>>