[E_01c] Damascus Steel Bull Head CORKSCREW, unique, handmade and forged


+$10 shipping cost

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=== Damascus Steel Bull Head CORKSCREW ===

Produced by ΛdiThiel – the ArchaeoSmith


This corkscrew has an ergonomic shape. The bull head and the multiple forge welding technology makes the appearance of the product highly attractive and special. It can be a nice and unique present for anyone.


As all of my products are unique and handmade ca. 5% difference is possible in size and weight. Also the pattern can be slightly different in case of damascus steel items.

Total length: 140mm = 5.5”

Weight: 80g = 2.8oz

Material: 40 layers of twisted C10+90MnCrV8

Price: $70 + $10 shipping


Custom orders are welcome for leather sheath. Custom orders are welcome for any other custom made products as well (axe, knife, etc.). Contact me!