Kb_08b – Damascus Steel Ram Head Dagger with Spine Edged Blade and Paited Leather Handle


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=== Damascus Steel Ram Head Dagger with Spine Edged Blade and Paited Leather Handle ===

Produced by ΛdiThiel – the ArchaeoSmith


I am Adam Thiele, Ph.D, materials scientist, engineer and smith. I use ΛdiThiel as a brand name for my products. The name the ArchaeoSmith explains my main activity.
This dagger was inspired by the roman pugio dagger. The dagger has a double twisted damasc spine edged blade of two twisted damascus steel rods and is extremely durable. There are two ram head guards in the beginning of the handle that protects the fingers. The handle is covered by black plaited leather. The handle ends in a decorated pommel. The multiple forge welding technology makes the appearance of the product highly attractive and special.
An iron reinforced leather sheath for $110 + free shipping could be also ordered for this dagger, cf. the last picture.

As all of my products are unique and handmade ca. 5% difference is possible in size and weight. Also the pattern can be slightly different in case of damascus steel items.
Total length: 340mm = 13.4”
Blade length: 210mm = 8.7”
Blade max. width: 32mm = 1.3”
Blade max. thickness: 7mm = 0.3”
Weight: 450g = 15.9oz
Material: Handle: C10 with leather, Blade: 2 x 80 layers of twisted C45+90MnCrV8
Price: $570 + $55 shipping (shipping with insurance)

Postage methods
Shipping as registered priority mail with tracking. Shipping and handling time is approximately 15 workdays outside Europe and 7 workdays in Europe.

Custom order is welcome for leather sheath, cf. sample in the last picture. Custom orders are welcome for any other custom made products as well (axe, knife, etc.). Contact me!