BN_05a – FRANCISCA Throwing Axe with Bunch-Berry Wood Handle (Historical)


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=== FRANCISCA Throwing Axe with Bunch-Berry Wood Handle (Historical) ===

Manufactured by ΛdiThiel – the ArchaeoSmith


I am Adam Thiele, Ph.D. Besides my scientific activity I have been working as a smith since 1998. I use ΛdiThiel as a brand name for my products. The name the ArchaeoSmith explains my main activity.
This francisca throwing axe head has a shape of the most common historical ones. The francisca (or francesca) is a throwing axe used as a weapon during the Early Middle Ages by the Franks, among whom it was a characteristic national weapon at the time of the Merovingians from about 500 to 750. The francisca axe is characterized by its distinctly arch-shaped head, widening toward the cutting edge and terminating in a prominent point at both the upper and lower corners.
The head of the axe was made of low carbon steel and the cutting edge was forge-welded to the body of tool steel, which is hardened, so the cutting edge and the point of the blade is hard and durable. This light and very massive axe head is perfect for throwing (cf. the video below). Or you can simply use it as an everyday axe for chopping and cutting wood as well.
The axe head is friction fitted (similar as the tomahawks) to the hand carved, slighty curved bunch-berry wood (dogwood) handle. This kind of wood has very very good mechanical properties and was videly used for hammer and axe handles in the past in Europe. The axe head has a standard drop shaped conic eye which fits well to the HD101 standard US 19″ tomahawk handle.
How to throw this axe? Watch my video here:

As all of my products are unique and handmade ca. 5% difference is possible in size and weight. Also the pattern can be slightly different in case of damascus steel items.
Total length of the handle: 400mm = 15.7”
Total length of the head: 170mm = 6.7”
Edge length: 85mm = 3.3”
Head weight: 400g = 14.1oz
Total weight (with handle): 585g = 20.6oz
Material: Head: C10 body + 90MnCrV8 cutting edge, Handle: hand carved, slighty curved bunch-berry wood
Price: $185 + $35 shipping

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